I’ll have a Conniption Fit over some Red Lobster Biscuits!


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When you think of Red Lobster, the seafood lover in you undoubtedly thinks of one thing: The Cheddar Bay Biscuits. These tiny pillows of heaven are what make a meal at the classic seafood chain an experience.

Oddly, the biscuits were a late addition to the menu. It was only two decades into the chain’s 46-year history that the biscuits made an appearance.

The hush puppies that were their predecessor weren’t rating so well, so executive chef and main man of culinary development, Kurt Hankins, began experimenting with Texas toast-esque French bread.

He eventually decided to shake up traditional biscuit recipes by subbing the sugar with garlic and adding in cheese. And, just like that, a classic was born.(codeblackreport.com)

Today’s Restaurant

Red Lobster – Milpitas, Ca

Average Cost


Rating (1-10)

10 for the biscuits 9 for the food

Recommended Dishes: 

Get the biscuits!! Ultimate Feast, Fried Shrimp

Red Lobster has been a memorable restaurant for me ever since I was a kid.

We would always go there when we were celebrating something special like birthdays, graduations, etc.

Just hearing my Mom say “Hey boys, you guys wanna go to Red Lobster!” would make us go crazy!!

Me and my brothers would jump for joy and run to get our shoes on to enjoy those delicious, heavenly created, flaky, buttery, garlic consumed biscuits and some seafood delights!

So much of a tradition that my kids love going as well. They give the same reaction to Red Lobster as I did when I was a kid…

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