You’re gonna have an exotic flavor blast over at Dish Dash!

Kufta Kebab minced beef & lamb w/blended herbs, seasonal vegetables

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Cuisine in the Middle East is diverse and changes depending on the country. Some dishes are specific to one region, and flavoring techniques may change from country to country. Similarities exist, however, and some dishes are popular throughout much of the Middle East. Olives and chickpeas are frequently used in cooking, and flatbreads such as pita are popular. Since most countries in the Middle East are primarily Islamic, certain dietary rules are observed. Alcohol is prohibited in many countries, as are pork products.

Chicken, beef and lamb are popular protein choices, and chunks of these meats are sometimes skewered with vegetables and cooked as kebabs. Yogurt and cheeses are specially made and used in cooking. Soups and side dishes made with lentils, beans, peppers or other vegetables are often served with a main course.

Typically, Middle Eastern food is flavorful and aromatic, and uses spices such as cumin, nutmeg, turmeric and caraway to achieve strong flavors that are unique to the cooking of the region.(

Today’s Restaurant

Dish Dash – Sunnyvale, Ca

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Any of the Kebabs with Rice

So it’s lunch time and about 90 degrees here in the Bay Area and I am looking for something exotic to eat to get my mind away from this heat.

Nothing over filling but something that can get my taste buds moving and that’s unusual to my daily diet.

I think a journey to the Middle East is the craving for today..

Dish Dash time!!

Let’s talk about it…

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