Get ready to Crack open your Jaws when dining at Ma’s!!

fried chicken, edamame, hot and sour soup, deep fried fish spicy garlic sauce,  chicken fried rice

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Most Americans love Chinese food, whether dining in a restaurant or from a slew of those little, folded white takeout boxes with the wire handle. However, the Chinese food found in most casual Chinese restaurants in the U.S. is very far removed from the authentic cuisine eaten daily by most people living in China.

There are many differences between authentic Chinese cuisine and Westernized Chinese food. From ingredients to cooking methods to popular dishes, the differences are numerous. In general, Westernized Chinese food is considered to be more bland and fattening than authentic Chinese food.

While you can likely find authentic Chinese restaurants or authentic dishes in restaurants around the country, most U.S. Chinese restaurants offer Westernized Chinese food. While Westernized dishes are far removed from the authentic dishes they once were, some Western Chinese food dishes are actually a complete invention!(

Today’s Restaurant

Ma’s Restaurant – San Jose, Ca

Average Cost

$11- $30

Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes: 

Fried Chicken, Fried Fish with Garlic Sauce, Hot and Sour Soup, Chicken Fried Rice

Chinese food is a great tasty exotic meal for those that are used to eating hamburgers and hot dogs all day.

Most American’s are used to eating the sweet and sour pork, egg rolls and Kung Pao chicken but there is a distinct difference from eating the Westernized version versus the Authentic version.

I have to say that I like both but sometimes I actually like the Westernized versions better. The way the food is made in the Westernized versions tend to have more flavors that us Americans are adapted to.

However, once you get your taste buds adapted to the Western version and you want to try food more fresh and modern, then the Authentic version is the way to go.

Ma’s is a great place to eat some Authentic Chinese food!

Let’s talk about it…

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You Got Me Singing “My My My” for some Sushi at Sen Dai!

Unagi Rolls

Live Action Quick Tips

Did you know….

Sushi (which actually refers to the seasoned rice on which raw fish is served, not the fish itself) was originally sold as street food in Japan starting around the 8th century. It is said to have arrived in the U.S. in the late 1960s, with the opening of Kawafuku Restaurant in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo. Some claim that sushi restaurants opened in America as early as 1950, but Kawafuku put the cuisine on the map, catering to Japanese businessmen and their American colleagues. A small number of sushi restaurants began to open outside the confines of Little Tokyo, and the cuisine gained popularity, especially with Hollywood celebrities. The creation of the now ubiquitous California roll helped to propel sushi forward, as crab and avocado were more palatable to Americans than slabs of glistening raw fish. Cosmopolitan cities like New York and Chicago soon followed suit with sushi spots of their own, and by the late 1980s, sushi was a full-on craze, with an enormous rise in the number of Japanese restaurants towards the end of the decade and into the 1990s.  (

Today’s Restaurant

Sen Dai – Milpitas, Ca

Average Cost

Sushi – Around $6 for 6 pieces Bento Box – Around $13

Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes: 

Sushi, Teriyaki Salmon, Salmon Misoyaki, Edamame

Miso Soup

It’s the weekend and time to get into live action!

The Avengers just came out, the Mayweather and Pacquiao fight is going down tonight and bottom line it is a nice day out and time to get outdoors and enjoy some festivals!

What better way to start off the weekend than celebrating with a great exotic meal. I enjoyed this exciting launch of the weekend at a fantastic Japanese restaurant named Sen Dai!

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Bring a bib for some beer and ribs…


Live Action Quick Tips

Did you know….

That boiling your ribs in Coke or Dr. Pepper before you grill them will do something magical to your ribs. The sugar and the carbonation will tenderize your ribs and make them extra tender and sweet.

Today’s Restaurant

Yardhouse – Santana Row, 300 Santana Row #101, San Jose, CA 95128

Average Cost

Around $15-$25 per plate depending on the dish- Unless you make Happy hour then more like $5-$10 for most appetizer dishes

Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes: 

St. Louis Style BBQ Ribs, Rib Eye Steak, Miso Sea Bass, Firecracker Wings, Spicy Thai Chicken pizza, Edamame, BEER!!

Friday night at 8..and I just can’t be late. Got a Happy Hour date.. She will soon be my mate.. That would be so great. Great..Great..Great..Great! I can hardly wait!

It’s the end of the week people and time to relax with a beer and get my hands on some finger foods. What better way to enjoy a Friday night than with good company and saying ‘Cheers!’

One of our favorite places to go on a Friday night for Happy Hour is Yardhouse in Santana Row in San Jose, Ca.

Happy Hour runs from 3pm – 6pm M-F but if you are not there by 5pm then you could be waiting for an hour to get in. We made it by 4:45pm so Virginia and I waited until about 5:20pm to get seated.

The hardest part is just standing there and looking at how happy people are with their Alaskan frozen glasses with bubbles of luscious brew bouncing in their glasses. I can see people wiping their mouths after biting into steaks dripping with its tender succulent juices, people stretching their necks back as far as they can to pull the cheese away from their pizza with their mouths and me siting there catching a whiff of all the aromas coming from every dish.

My pocket feels a vibration. Yes! It’s time!

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