Flavor so Good that Your Eyes Get Blurry; Digging into Some Spicy Thai Curry!

Gaeng Dang Red Curry

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Until 1939, the country we call Thailand was known as Siam. It was the only Southeast Asian country never colonized by the West. This helped Thailand to maintain its own special cuisine (cooking style). However, that cuisine had already been influenced by Thailand’s Asian neighbors. Outside influences such as Chinese cooking methods, IE, the introduction of frying, be it stir frying or deep frying have become what is now probably Thailand’s favorite cooking method, especially stir frying and the use of the Wok.

From nearby India came not only the Buddhist religion, but also spicy seasonings such as cumin, cardamom, and coriander, as well as curry dishes. The Malays, to the south, further shared seasonings, as well as their love of coconuts and the satay. (simon-sauces.com)

Today’s Restaurant

KrungThai Restaurant – San Jose, Ca

Average Cost

Around $13 -$15 for a dish

Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes: 

Gaeng Pla Duk, Gaeng Dang Red Curry

It’s the weekend and time to start off the weekend with a bang!

Are you going for burgers and beers? Or Hot Wings and Beers? Or maybe tacos and beers?

If you are looking for a spice party in your mouth while cooling it down with a beer then maybe Thai food is in your horizon….

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