Mazarati Pizza Quality over at Piatti!


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The word “pizza” is thought to have come from the Latin word pinsa, meaning flatbread (although there is much debate about the origin of the word).

A legend suggests that Roman soldiers gained a taste for Jewish Matzoth while stationed in Roman occupied Palestine and developed a similar food after returning home. However a recent archeological discovery has found a preserved Bronze Age pizza in the Veneto region. By the Middle Ages, these early pizzas started to take on a more modern look and taste. The peasantry of the time used what few ingredients they could get their hands on to produce the modern pizza dough and topped it with olive oil and herbs. The introduction of the Indian Water Buffalo gave pizza another dimension with the production of mozzarella cheese. Even today, the use of fresh mozzarella di buffalo in Italian pizza cannot be substituted. While other cheeses have made their way onto pizza (usually in conjunction with fresh mozzarella), no Italian Pizzeria would ever use the dried shredded type used on so many American pizzas. (

Today’s Restaurant

Piatti – San Jose, Ca – Rivermark Plaza

Average Cost


Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes: 

Chicken Pizza

I have that itch right now…

That ooey gooey cheese leaking craving for some pizza itch.

Where can I satisfy this beast within me?

How about an Italian restaurant packed with glamor and pizazz?

Why not Piatti’s!

Let’s talk about it…

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