Spider Roll - Soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, masago

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The 1960s were the ideal time for sushi to make an appearance on the dining scene. World War II ended nearly a generation before, and young gourmands were ready to be introduced to a totally unique cuisine. While the appeal of raw fish and cold rice might have been lost on their parents, cosmopolitan twenty-somethings sought out new foods. That was especially true in swinging Southern California, where the nation’s first sushi restaurant opened in 1966.

Named Kawafuku, the restaurant was located in the Little Tokyo section of Los Angeles. It wasn’t just a sushi joint, though. The bottom floor was a Japanese restaurant, serving more accessible dishes like teriyaki and tempura dinners. But the top floor was a sushi bar, with a sushi master named Shigeo Saito brought from Japan to help introduce diners to the intricate delicacies of traditional sushi. Saito’s wife was the only waitress at the bar, and together they presided over a bustling hotspot in the Los Angeles dining scene.(history.com)

Today’s Restaurant

Yuki Sushi – Willow Glen

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Recommended Dishes: 

Whatever type of sushi that floats your boat, Fried Chicken wings

So it’s Friday night and I’m looking for a meal to kick off this weekend off right!

Something exotic….

Something fun..

Something bite size…

Somewhere lively…

When I’m in this type of mood, Sushi is usually a good item of choice.

And what better than great food with a great environment. Let’s do Yuki Sushi in Willow Glen!

Let’s talk about it…

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