Words can’t express, Thai food at its best!

Tom Kha Kai, Calamari in Garlic Sauce, Chicken in Thai Basil

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Coconut oil, high in saturated fat, has many a use in the kitchen from frying to candy making while coconut milk is a highlight to many cuisines characteristic of the tropical islands. Coconut milk is popular with curry dishes, quite often infused with the spice. In Burma, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand curry and coconut milk go together like butter and toast in the Western world. It’s a pretty simple recipe. Coconut milk is cooked over a high heat so that the milk and cream break down allowing the oil to separate. The curry paste is added at that point and mixed well, and then all other ingredients from seasonings to vegetables and meat are added and left to simmer to steep and converge. A delicious dish!

Coconuts trees bloom up to thirteen times a year and though it takes a year for the coconuts to mature, new fruit is constantly being produced. One full-blossomed tree may produce 60-180 coconuts in a single harvest.(milk.gourmetrecipe.com)

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Siam Thai Cuisine – Cupertino, Ca

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Tom Kha Kai Soup, Calamari in Garlic, Chicken with Thai Basil

If you like spicy flavorful food then Thai food is a delectable treat for you!

The savory nectar of rich and exotic flavors is what makes Thai food one of my favorite dishes!

One of my favorite places to go to get my injection of this sinful pleasure is Siam Thai Cuisine in Cupertino, Ca. 

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