No if and’s or maybes..Please take me to Blue Daisy!!

Did you know….

The town of Santa Monica was launched by two entrepreneurs: Colonel Robert S. Baker, who made a fortune in mining equipment before taking up cattle and sheep ranching, and Senator John P. Jones of Nevada, owner of silver mines. They purchased land along the coast, hoping to develop a prosperous industrial port. An eloquent auctioneer initiated the sale of the first town lots for the new city on July 15, 1875 with evocative imagery:

… we will sell at public outcry to the highest bidder the Pacific Ocean draped with western sky of scarlet and gold; we will sell a bay filled with white winged ships; we will sell a southern horizon, rimmed with a choice of purple mountains carved in castles and turrets and domes; a frostless, bracing, warm yet languid air braided in and out with sunshine and odored with breath of flowers.

Although Baker and Jones built a wharf and railroad, their dream of a port city ultimately failed. Rather, the natural scenic and environmental assets extolled by the auctioneer set the new city in a new direction as a beach resort and an attractive place to live. (

Today’s Restaurant

Blue Daisy – Santa Monica, California

Average Cost


Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes:

Baked egg meat sauce, Salmon Cake Scandia, Breakfast Combo, Coffee


Holiday weekends make great for loving memories with the family!

Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving or even the grateful tribute day to our troops for Memorial Day.

What makes these weekends even better is when you combine a birthday celebration!

Let’s talk about my Labor Day/Birthday weekend extravaganza in Santa Monica,Ca at a new found love called Blue Daisy..

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One of my favorite dining picks..over at Rustic!!

Did you know….

The town of Geyserville retains the ambiance of a bygone era. Located in the beautiful Alexander Valley, the town owes its name and beginnings to the discovery of geothermal springs in the Mayacamas Mountains just east of town.

The area became a tourist attraction, with the town providing lodgings and provisions for the tourists. Cattle, grain, pears, and prunes thrived in the lush valley and the area’s rich, gravelly soil proved an ideal location for wine grapes. The wine boom of the 1970s led to vineyards replacing the fruit orchards, and today the valley is a verdant sea of vines.

Main Street Geyserville still holds the charm of 100 years ago in its historic buildings. From wooden boardwalks to Wild West storefronts, Geyserville charms its visitors with world-renowned wines, contemporary restaurants, quaint bed and breakfast inns, boutiques and vintage chic mercantiles. (

Today’s Restaurant

Rustic within Francis Ford Coppola Winery – Geyserville, Ca

Average Cost


Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes:

Lamb, Steak, Wine of course!

Wine country is a great place to visit,when you want to see exquisite gardens of vines, while sipping on the finest wines.

About an hour from the Bay Area, you can make your trip to Napa or Sonoma county and begin your decadent experience to a land of beauty and relaxation.

Not only can you find magnificent wine to taste, but also breathtaking meals to pair with it.

While visiting the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, I found a hidden gem, where I officially dined on the best lamb I have ever had!!

Let’s talk Rustic

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I won the sugar battle!!Jesus healed my diabetes.. No name bigger than His!!

Hey ya’ll,

It wasn’t that long ago April 18th, 2018 that I wrote to you guys and let you know that the doctors said that I have Type II Diabetes. It started from that alarming 4am call by the nurse to go to the ER because my Glucose levels were through the roof at over 600 ml.

By the time I reached the hospital, my blood levels had dropped to 300 ml, but they were certain I had diabetes and that long term I would have to be on medication and possibly even have to take insulin.

Today, I am here to tell you that I am no longer taking medication. My blood levels are in normal range under 100 ml after fasting and after eating around 120-130ml.

I will use this platform to tell you what I did myself, but honestly this is nothing short of a Miracle and all tribute I give is to Jesus Christ Himself. Thank you Lord!!

Now let’s get to business and discuss what changes I made and how you can make these changes to help you improve your life.

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When sweet sugar became a nasty enemy…

Hey my Live Action eaters,

Today I found out some news..

News that is concerning that so many around the world have heard at some point in time.

That news is: “Your blood sugar is off the charts, looks like you have diabetes..”

I want to tell you my story and how to accept this new fight with confidence and faith.

Scriptures to stand on:

No weapon formed against you shall prosper! Isiah 54:17

By His stripes we are healed! Isiah 53:5

There is no name bigger than Jesus (Phil 2:9) and if God be for you than who can be against you!! Romans 8:31


Let’s get the story started..

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They just made my wish..Dining at Tin Fish!

Did you know….

San Diego’s coastal seat makes it an ideal destination for adventurers and sun seekers. Whether you’re hiking along the sandstone cliffs of Torrey Pines State Reserve, walking through the frothy surf of Coronado Beach or admiring the postcard-worthy scenery at La Jolla Cove, you’ll find little reason to stray far from the city’s natural wonders. Spend a day at Balboa Park – the city’s definitive cultural hub – and soak up the stunning setting while exploring the many museums, theaters and gardens that call this 1,200-acre park home. Though it’s tempting to spend your whole vacation exploring, don’t forget to carve out some time for a San Diego history lesson: America’s Finest City proudly shows off it’s military and maritime heritage with two well-regarded (and highly interactive) museums.(

Today’s Restaurant

Tin Fish – Oceanside

Average Cost


Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes: 

All fish tacos, Clam Chowder

Southern California is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

You have Hollywood, the wonderful beaches of San Diego, the Gas Lamp district and one the best places for fish tacos I have ever had.

Let’s talk Tin Fish!!

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The Destination for Romance..Over at Sundance!

Did you know….

Our modern steakhouse has two direct ancestors, the beefsteak banquet and the chophouse. Both arose, interestingly enough, in mid-19th century New York City, a town that got the best beef cuts the country had to offer because only there did diners have enough money to pay for them. Beefsteak banquets were primarily men-only political affairs, held as candidate fundraisers or to celebrate a recent victory. They got their name from what was served: sliced beef tenderloin, each piece placed upon a slice of white bread like an open faced sandwich. The bread slices, however, were rarely eaten and were mainly stacked besides each plate as an informal scorekeeping system for how much beef was consumed by the participants. No self-respecting gourmand wanted to fill up on bread when there was so much beef and beer available!

Chophouses were only slightly more civilized. They appeared in New York City in the mid-1800s to cater to merchants and clerks in need of a hot meal. By all accounts, chophouses were dark and dusty affairs: one of the more celebrated houses was named “Cobweb Hall,” after the décor. These restaurants served a more diverse menu than the beefsteaks. Mutton chops, lamb kidneys and sizzling strips of bacon were all served, alongside mealy baked potatoes and the ever-present tankards of British ale. As one reporter put it, “Those who don’t care for steaks can have chops, those who don’t care for chops can have steaks.” Dessert was apple pie, mince pie or a wedge of Stilton cheese.(

Today’s Restaurant

Sundance Steakhouse – Palo Alto

Average Cost


Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes:

Rib-eye steak, Calamari, Jumbo Shrimp, Clam Chowder

Birthday celebrations always make my day.

Watching someone’s face glow while they anxiously open their gifts…

Or simply seeing the gratefulness of having a companion there with them to cling glasses of luscious red wine together.

Tonight we celebrate my wife’s birthday over steak and wine within an extravagant setting and memorable cuisine!

Let’s talk Sundance!!

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This Crispy Fish brings tears to my eye..over at Sala Thai!

Did you know….

Thai cuisine is a simple yet clever combination of Eastern and Western influences harmoniously combined into that je ne sais quoi. Sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy flavours work together to make each dish come alive. Thai food varies depending upon the area or region of Thailand the dish originates from. These regions include the north, northeast, south and central.

Historically, aquatic animals, plant and herbs were popular ingredients included in most meals. Large quantities of meat were mainly avoided, thanks in part to the Buddhist background, and instead strips of meat were flavoured with herbs and spices, or meat was cooked or roasted and then shredded.

Traditional Thai cookery involved stewing and baking, or grilling. However, the area that is now Thailand, Laos, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia and Vietnam were settled by the ancient Chinese an estimated 1,400 hundred years ago. With the migration of Chinese people into Southeast Asia, frying, stir-frying and deep-frying of food became more popular techniques, and to this day pad thai (fried noodles) and khao pad (fried rice) remain classic Thai dishes.(tasteofthailandfoodtours)

Today’s Restaurant

Sala Thai – Fremont, Ca

Average Cost


Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes: 


When I need some spice and action in my life there is only type of dish that satisfies this racy temptation of mine…

Thai food!!

From the delicious coconut soup, to the outrageous flavor punching power each dish contains; Thai food is satisfying regardless of the time of year.

When I want to dine at the cream of the crop, I go to Sala Thai..

Let’s talk about it..

So I’m sitting at home and my spidey senses are tingling wanted some action on my tongue and in my belly.

My wife asks me, ” What do you want to eat tonight?”

Her: Burgers?

Me: Shaking my leg.. Nah..

Her: Fried Chicken

Me: Eyes slightly opened with a tad of excitement… Uhhh.. No..

Her: I know.. Thai Food!!

Me: Jumping out of my chair… Yes! Yeeees!! Let’s go!!

Throwing my jacket on immediately we both race to the car.

We jump in and pedal to the medal,we swerve side to side through lanes of traffic to get to Sala Thai.

We make it before the crowd shows up and miraculously get seated within 15 minutes.

We throw in our orders immediately and get the Tom Kha soup, which is a delicious soup made up of a Coconut base, spicy and sour soup with onion and mushroom.

We also order the Roti Canai, which is a flaky crusty thin sort of pancake with this amazing curry dip that will blow your socks off.

And not to forget the crab fried rice to shock the palette..

For the main courses we order the crispy fish with sweet garlic sauce and beef eggplant with bell pepper, and basil in black bean, and chili garlic sauce.

 Time to dive in!!

The Tom Kha soup and Roti arrive first…

We dive in to the Roti first while our soup is being poured into our bowls..

I stretch a piece of the Roti, rip then dip in the curry and into my mouth.


Perfect light crunch with all kinds of succulent flavor from the curry.

Now the soup..

Thick but soothing coconut flavor punching me in the face! 

Combined with the suttleness of the chicken, ginger and lemon grass; it will make your day!

Now the main dishes arrive..

I can feel the drool growing like a balloon in my cheeks.

I grab some crab fried rice with a bit of the beef eggplant and a few piece of the garlic sauce fried fish on my plate. 

The fish is calling me. Let’s go!


Instant crunch with super duper flavor in your palette. Officially the best fried fish I’ve had!

Next up I dive into the egg plant..

Firm but soft texture, heat searing within..


Massive flavor doing the running man on my tongue..Yum!

Back for more fish…


More eggplant..


A bite of the fried rice..


All together in my mouth…

Booom! Baaaang! Poooooow!

Nothing but live action eating! Good job Sala Thai!

Thanks for joining me on today’s adventure! I look forward to seeing you on the next run! Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life. Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.

References (2017)
The History Of Thai Food Retrieved from

Fierce Flavor that will Pierce your Tongue..over at 1621!

Did you know….

Fusion Cuisine is actually not new. It has been around for a couple of decades. Chefs started to merge cuisines around the ’70s. Culinary legends like Wolfgang Puck among others introduced this concept. He actually laid down the foundation for this technique. He is the brains behind the common culinary fusions and pairings. An example of which is the fusion of European cuisine with Asian cuisine, commonly referred to as Eurasian cuisine. This was easy for Chef Puck because of his knowledge of both cuisines. He was originally trained in Europe, but he is thoroughly familiar with the Asian dishes. Eurasian basically combines two cooking techniques and dishes, so you can end up with poached tofu, for example, which generally mixes European and Asian method of poaching.

Over the years, fusion cuisine restaurants emerged all over Europe. Many of these restaurants were established in urban areas. In fact, you would likely find these restaurants still offering the same mixed cuisines. Urban areas are actually prime spots for fusion cuisine restaurants since these are also the areas where cultural integration is more predominant. Thus, people are more acceptable of the combined culinary dishes (multiculturalcookingnetwork)

Today’s Restaurant

1621 Bistro – San Jose, Ca

Average Cost


Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes: 

Breakfast buffet, chicken and waffles, loco moco, burgers

Some say Hawaii is like Heaven on Earth..

Most people take frequent vacations there and love to talk about the great views, beaches and cultural food.

You heard of Hawaiian fusion? Well if you haven’t, I know the spot..

Let’s talk about it..

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Oh my Word..I’m eating at Rutherford!

Did you know….

The roots of Rutherford—the historic grape growing center of the Napa Valley—actually stretch south of its central location in Napa Valley to Yountville, where George Yount settled in1838. Yount, an explorer and pioneer, was granted 11,814 acres by Mexican General Mariano G. Vallejo as repayment for a variety of services.

This land was called “Caymus Rancho,” and extended north from the western foothills of Mt. St. John to what is now the intersection of Zinfandel Lane and Silverado Trail.

Yount had three granddaughters. Elizabeth married young Thomas Rutherford in 1864. As a wedding present, the newlyweds received 1,040 acres at the northern end of Yount’s land grant.

While Yount is considered to be the first to plant wine grapes in Napa Valley, it was Thomas Rutherford who made a serious investment in grape production and winemaking. From 1850 to 1880, Rutherford established himself as a grower and producer of high-quality wines.(

Today’s Restaurant

Rutherford Grill – Rutherford, Ca

Average Cost


Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes: 

Iron Skillet Cornbread, Prime Rib, Burger, Trip-tip & Enchilada

Napa Valley.. Home of the grapes!!

Not just the world’s fantasy villa of grapes, but home to some of the finest dining around to pair up with those exquisite wines.

Last time I was out in Napa enjoying the view of a grape vineyard, while sipping on some aged Pinot Noir; we stopped in Rutherford,Ca and found the golden goose of restaurants.

Food so tasty it will make your head spin!

Let’s talk about it…

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On a soul food mission..over at South City Kitchen!!

Did you know….

Soul Food is a term used for an ethnic cuisine, food traditionally prepared and eaten by African Americans of the Southern United States. Many of the various dishes and ingredients included in “soul food” are also regional meals and comprise a part of other Southern US cooking, as well. The style of cooking originated during American slavery. African slaves were given only the “leftover” and “undesirable” cuts of meat from their masters (while the white slave owners got the meatiest cuts of ham, roasts, etc.).

We also had only vegetables grown for ourselves. After slavery, many, being poor, could afford only off-cuts of meat, along with offal. Farming, hunting and fishing provided fresh vegetables, fish and wild game, such as possum, rabbit, squirrel and sometimes waterfowl. Africans living in America at the time (and since) more than made do with the food choices we had to work with.(

Today’s Restaurant

South City Kitchen – Atlanta, GA

Average Cost


Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes: 

Fried Green Tomatoes, Chicken & Waffles, Corn bread & Biscuits

Atlanta,GA is a beautiful area with southern hospitality, civil rights history and of course; great tasting food!

Great tasting food consisting of succulent fried chicken, greens, grits, rabbit, deer and much more…

As I’m here in Atlanta to attend a funeral for my dear Auntie..

We decided to make a move to one of the hot spots in Atlanta called South City Kitchen.

Let’s talk about it..

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