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ΗΠΑ: “ΝΑΙ” στη παραχώρηση S-300 χωρών του ΝΑΤΟ στην Ουκρανία – Eπίσημη απειλή Ρωσίας: “Θα βομβαρδίσουμε τα κονβόι”

Setting the stage for a potential major escalation with Western and NATO powers, the Kremlin warned on Saturday that the Russian military is prepared to target Western arms shipments that are continuing to pour into Ukraine. Russia’s Deputy FM Sergei Ryabkov said on state TV that Washington had been informed in the last days that Moscow will see weapons supply convoys entering Ukraine as “legitimate targets”.

“We warned the United States that the orchestrated pumping of weapons from a number of countries is not just a dangerous move, it is a move that turns these convoys into legitimate targets,” Ryabkov said in the remarks, which served as a severe warning to the West.

He added that Russia has formally warned “about the consequences of the thoughtless transfer to Ukraine of weapons like man-portable air defense systems, anti-tank missile systems and so on.” He added that from Moscow’s point of view, the US administration has failed to take these warnings seriously.

US: “YES” to NATO S-300 concession to Ukraine – Official threat from Russia: “We will bomb the convoys”

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoldenberg responded by saying that a Russian attack on the supply lines of pro-Ukraine allies would be a ” dangerous escalation of the war.”

S-300 in Ukraine – “Green light” for senators
In light of the new developments, senior US officials have said that “the government is considering sending more sophisticated weapons to Ukraine, such as state-of-the-art anti-aircraft systems . “

US Senators have given the “green light” for the transfer of S-300 to Ukraine

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