A Blessing in My Mouth over at Alaska Fish House!

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Ketchikan is located on the western coast of Revillagigedo Island, near the southernmost boundary of Alaska. It is 679 miles north of Seattle and 235 miles south of Juneau. The 2.2 million acre Misty Fiords National Monument lies 22 air miles east of Ketchikan. It is the first Alaska port of call for northbound cruise ships and State ferries. It lies at approximately 55° 20′ N Latitude, 131° 38′ W Longitude (Sec. 30, T075S, R091E, Copper River Meridian). The community is located in the Ketchikan Recording District. The area encompasses 3 sq. miles of land and 1 sq. miles of water.

Tongass and Cape Fox Tlingits have used Ketchikan Creek as a fish camp which they called “kitschk-hin,” meaning creek of the “thundering wings of an eagle.” The abundant fish and timber resources attracted non-Natives to Ketchikan. In 1885, Mike Martin bought 160 acres from Chief Kyan, which later became the township. The first cannery opened in 1886 near the mouth of Ketchikan Creek and four more were built by 1912. The Ketchikan Post Office was established in 1892. In the late 1890s, nearby gold and copper discoveries briefly brought activity to Ketchikan as a mining supply center.

By 1936, seven canneries were in operation, producing 1.5 million cases of salmon. The need for lumber for new construction and packing boxes spawned the Ketchikan Spruce Mills in 1903, which operated for over 70 years. Spruce was in high demand during World War II, and Ketchikan became a supply center for area logging. A $55 million pulp mill was constructed at Ward Cove near Ketchikan in 1954. Its operation fueled the growth of the community. The mill’s 50-year contract with the U.S. Forest service for timber was canceled, and the pulp mill closed in March 1997.(explorenorth.com)

Today’s Restaurant

Alaska Fish House – Ketchikan, Alaska

Average Cost


Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes: 

Salmon Chowder, Halibut Burger, Halibut Tacos

Alaska is one of God’s most peaceful and natural beauty’s still alive and well in America.

Huge white icy glaciers, healthy green forests, and wildlife that inhabits both land and sea, like bald eagles, whales, orcas and more.

Not only do they have great scenery but great food as well!

I found a spot that left me in awe for how good the food was…

And that’s at Alaska Fish House in Ketchikan,Alaska.

Let’s talk about it…

So my wife and I are on the Grand Princess ship from SFO to Alaska and we are now stopping off in Ketchikan.

We start our day doing some ATV riding in the mountains and now time to finish our day with a delicious meal.

Some of the locals told us that the place to go was Alaska Fish House, so we go with their recommendation.

We arrive to a log cabin style restaurant that really makes you feel like you arrived to an Alaskan heritage style home.

We order salmon chowder, a crispy halibut burger and blackened halibut tacos.

After grabbing 2 glasses of their IPA’s on draft, we await for our meal to arrive.

Our meal arrives and I dive into the chowder first.


This tastes so good I want to cry!

Tastes so good I want to slap myself!

I have officially experienced Heaven on Earth!

The flavor of the fresh salmon combined with their chowder ingredients is officially the best soup I have ever had!

Now to take a bite of the burger..


A perfect crunch, with a super fresh piece of flavorful halibut, combined with the sauce,tomatoes and purple onion made an awesome combination.

My wife, Virginia gives me a bite of the taco.


Instant flavor burst!

The blackened halibut was super fresh with a good spice,  a screaming flavor packed salsa and a great crunch from the shell.

Now back to my soup..



Another bite of my burger..


Another bite of the taco..

Booom! Pang! Pow!

What an awesome experience! I have officially lived. True live action eating! Phenomenal job Alaska Fish House!

If you have not yet made a trip to Alaska, then I suggest you do quick fast and in a hurry. In the summer of course. 😆

I promise you that you won’t regret it!

Thanks for joining me on today’s adventure! I look forward to seeing you on the next run! Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life. Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.


explorenorth.com (2016)
The History of Ketchikan, Alaska Retrieved from http://www.explorenorth.com/alaska/history/ketchikan-history.html


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