Oh my Word..I’m eating at Rutherford!

Did you know….

The roots of Rutherford—the historic grape growing center of the Napa Valley—actually stretch south of its central location in Napa Valley to Yountville, where George Yount settled in1838. Yount, an explorer and pioneer, was granted 11,814 acres by Mexican General Mariano G. Vallejo as repayment for a variety of services.

This land was called “Caymus Rancho,” and extended north from the western foothills of Mt. St. John to what is now the intersection of Zinfandel Lane and Silverado Trail.

Yount had three granddaughters. Elizabeth married young Thomas Rutherford in 1864. As a wedding present, the newlyweds received 1,040 acres at the northern end of Yount’s land grant.

While Yount is considered to be the first to plant wine grapes in Napa Valley, it was Thomas Rutherford who made a serious investment in grape production and winemaking. From 1850 to 1880, Rutherford established himself as a grower and producer of high-quality wines.(rutherforddust.org)

Today’s Restaurant

Rutherford Grill – Rutherford, Ca

Average Cost


Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes: 

Iron Skillet Cornbread, Prime Rib, Burger, Trip-tip & Enchilada

Napa Valley.. Home of the grapes!!

Not just the world’s fantasy villa of grapes, but home to some of the finest dining around to pair up with those exquisite wines.

Last time I was out in Napa enjoying the view of a grape vineyard, while sipping on some aged Pinot Noir; we stopped in Rutherford,Ca and found the golden goose of restaurants.

Food so tasty it will make your head spin!

Let’s talk about it…

So it’s Saturday and I’m out with the in-laws to enjoy a day of wine tasting in Napa,Ca.

We stop at a few vineyards, bask in the ambiance a bit, while indulging in whites and reds gazing at the gorgeous hillsides.

After a couple of hours we were feeling famished and needed to get some grub to match the soothing buzz we had.

My father n law takes us to this restaurant in the heart of Rutherford called the Rutherford Grill.

We arrive, and miraculously find 6 seats at the bar, and prepare to order.

We order the iron skillet cornbread as an appetizer and I order the Roasted Prime Rib described as:

  • Aged angus beef roasted on the bone,  Served with pomme purée and seasonal green vegetable.

My wife orders the Tri-Tip and Enchilada meal described as:

  • Wood roasted Snake River Farms tri-tip, Butternut squash and cheddar enchilada, with cucumber salad.

The cornbread arrives with her chest out like she just got out of implant surgery. We dive right in..


Super duper flavor! Soft,sweet and fluffy with a nice crunch all over it. Not to mention, the fresh corn within makes it a complete masterpiece.

Now my Prime Rib arrives..

The slab of meat is massive and sweaty as if it just came out if a steam room at the gym.

I say my Grace and thank God for this pterodactyl size portion… I’m going in..

I barely use the knife to cut through it..

So tender..so easy..

Meat hits my tongue..


Super buttery, tender and succulent, with an explosion of flavor. So much that my leg started shaking in anxiety for more.

I bite again..


I’m going in overload..

Man down! Man down!

Flavor is so intense it will blow your head off!

My wife says the tri tip and enchilada were fantastic too! I couldn’t fit any more in my belly so unfortunately i can’t tell you myself. It looked fantastic!

Nothing but moans and groans at the table..No one is talking..


True live action eating at it’s finest! Good job Rutherford Grill!

If you haven’t taken the time to visit Napa, I suggest you book your hotel soon. I assure you that you won’t regret it.

Thanks for joining me on today’s adventure! I look forward to seeing you on the next run! Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life. Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.


Grapegrowing AND Winemaking in Rutherford A Brief History Retrieved from https://rutherforddust.org/history/

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