Russia & NATO head to conflict: Strong troop movements – Leopard 2A6 on Russian border! – WarNews247

NATO’s largest military exercises near the border with Russia have begun, violating every “red” line in Moscow, according to Russian media.

Large-scale military mobilization is recorded on the Finland-Russia border, on the border between Belarus-Poland and the Baltic states, while Sweden has also activated the Gotland internal security force.

Finland, as you will see, has sent Leo 2A6 tanks to the border with Russia, a sample of what Moscow will face once it joins NATO.

A common feature of the mobilizations of the countries involved is the increased war readiness for a month.

The largest NATO exercises on the Russian border have begun

” On May 1, in the immediate vicinity of the Russian border and the military operation zone in Ukraine, NATO exercises began – the largest in the history of this Alliance. More than 20 countries are participating in the military exercises and they will last until the end of the month.

It is no coincidence that Vladimir Putin once again warned the day before that Moscow’s response would be lightning fast if anyone wanted to intervene in Ukraine or pose a strategic threat to Russia.

Sweden: Activates the Internal Guard in Gotland
The Swedish Armed Forces have decided to activate the Internal Guard on the island of Gotland through a month-long military exercise.

“The capacity of Gotland’s forces must be increased to adapt to the deteriorating security situation, ” said Tomas sngshammar, communications director at Gotland P18.

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  1. Utter lie, 100% desinfo-campaign from 🇷🇺 !
    FINLAND: As been pointed out, they exercise in Satakunta and Southern/Mid- coastal ostrobothnia. Of course 🇷🇺 knows this. There was even a pc today. See link at my Tweet timeline.

    1. Not sure what the lie is here. Are you saying this is a lie because you think Finland won’t get involved in the war? Russia indeed has warned aggressively regarding Finland and Sweden joining Nato.. War with them is inevitable. Should happen within the next 2 weeks.

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