EXTRAORDINARY – Satellites “caught” China preparing a lightning strike in the US: They will sweep bases, ships & Taiwan! – WarNews247


The Pentagon and the American political leadership are facing an unprecedented discovery. Military satellites spy on Chinese Army training in gruesome detail on long-range ballistic missiles (ASBMs) against US aircraft carriers, US bases in Japan – Guam, against Taiwan and US

China has set up an entire network of model targets to prepare its Army for war with the United States. The details are creepy. The Chinese are training on precision blows at a rapid pace so as not to leave the possibility of a reaction in the US Navy.

Why the Americans released this information now is a question. They seem to have known this for a long time.

They set up an entire network with target models!

Satellite imagery shows China launching missile strikes against Taiwan, Guam and the US Navy.

According to recent satellite images, the Chinese military is improving its training on anti-aircraft missile attacks as it pursues targets that resemble aircraft carriers to smaller ships and naval bases.

Satellite images show that the Chinese have set up a training base in Xinjiang’s remote Taklamakan Desert. There they have created a network of models showing a ship moored at a naval base that resembles one in northeastern Taiwan and other targets in Guam!

They will attack with supersonic ballistic missiles

Sutton said the nature, location and strikes on the models suggest that the targets are intended for ballistic missile attacks.

China has developed at least two types of supersonic ballistic missiles, the DF-21D and DF-26.

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