World UFO Day 2022: Why do we celebrate the day for the unknown? What`s its significance? – Science News (The Day the Earth Stood Still).

Every year on July 2, we celebrate World UFO Day — a day dedicated to unidentified flying objects. It is basically an awareness day for people across the world to gather together and watch the skies for UFOs. Some even celebrate it on June 24.

On June 24, aviator Kenneth Arnold, also a businessman and politician wrote about a UFO. It is generally considered to be the first widely reported UFO in the United States. The famous Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting occurred in 1947.

Arnold had claimed that he saw a string of nine, shiny unidentified flying objects flying past Mount Rainier. According to him, the speed of those objects is estimated at a minimum of 1,200 miles an hour.

The celebrations on July 2 aimed at raising awareness of “the undoubted existence of UFOs” and encouraging governments to declassify their files on UFO sightings. July 2 is marked after the famous Roswell incident in 1947 — a supposed UFO crash.

United States Army Air Forces officers from Roswell Army Air Field recovered balloon debris from a ranch near Corona, New Mexico in 1947. Decades later, the conspiracy theories suggest that the debris involved a flying saucer and the US government covered up the truth.

Later, the World UFO Day Organization (WUFODO) dedicated July 2 to celebrate the day with an aim to make people aware of “the existence of UFOs and with that intelligent being from outer space”.

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