Russia Manifesto: “We have the right to nuke Ukraine – Targets loaded on RS-28 Sarmat if NATO gets involved…” – WarNews247

The former president of Russia and current vice-president of the country’s Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, issued a manifesto in favor of the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine, stressing that Moscow “has the right to use them” and that ” the West will not react, as it is afraid of a nuclear Revelation”.

N. Medvedev wrote in his “carbon” manifesto the same things as those reported by Russian media 24 hours ago and WarNews247 revealed yesterday. This shows that the decision has been made in the Kremlin.

In addition, Russian mass media “complement” this manifesto by emphasizing that in case of NATO and US involvement, the targets will already be loaded on the Russian intercontinental missiles and from then on “God rest his hand”…

This is a clear warning to NATO-USA not to get involved in the tactical nuclear strike that Ukraine will receive if the situation reaches “zero point”. These statements also confirm DEFCON 3 in the US.

Manifesto Medvedev: Russia has the right to drop nukes on Ukraine!

The Vice Chairman of the Russian Security Council and the country’s former president, Dmitry Medvedev, has spoken explicitly about a possible nuclear strike on Ukraine, saying that the US-led military alliance will stay away from the conflict because it fears a nuclear disaster.

The former Russian president, who is now deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, said that Russia has the right to defend itself with nuclear weapons if pushed beyond its limits, and that this is “definitely not a bluff.”

Let us imagine that Russia is forced to use the most terrifying weapon against the Ukrainian regime, which has carried out a large-scale act of aggression that is dangerous to the very existence of our state.

According to Russian nuclear doctrine, the president can use nuclear weapons if the state faces an existential threat, even from conventional weapons.

I believe that NATO will not directly intervene in the conflict even in this scenario.

The demagogues across the ocean and in Europe are not going to die in a nuclear apocalypse.

I must remind you again – for those deaf ears that only listen to themselves. Russia has the right to use nuclear weapons if necessary, “ Medvedev said, adding that he would do so “in predetermined cases” and in strict compliance with state policy.

According to Medvedev, the security of Washington, London and Brussels is much more important to NATO than the fate of Ukraine, which he said no one needs, even if it is armed.

“The supply of modern weapons is just a business for Western countries, but it is also largely about hatred towards us. Not anymore. Overseas and European demagogues are not going to perish in a nuclear apocalypse. Therefore, they will swallow the use of any weapon in the current conflict,” he argued.

Our enemies love to make grandiose statements. Operate on the terms “freedom”, “democracy”, “mission”. In reality, this is just ritual verbal diarrhea.

The fountains of demagoguery, combined with vicious rhetoric, have long been a proven weapon of the Anglo-Saxon world, with which they deluge the rest of humanity in an attempt to defend their exclusivity and right to rule the world.

Biden and Truss, various secondary leaders, are demanding that Russia take its hand off the “nuclear button.” Together, they constantly threaten us with “terrible” consequences if Russia uses nuclear weapons. And Auntie London, young at heart, is absolutely ready to immediately start an exchange of nuclear strikes with our country .

Furthermore, we will do everything possible to prevent our hostile neighbors from developing nuclear weapons. For example, in Nazi Ukraine, which today is directly controlled by NATO countries.

It is pointless to count on the logic and political will of the Kiev regime. But there is still a fragile hope for common sense and a sense of self-preservation in hostile countries that forgive them. They understand that if the threat to Russia exceeds the defined danger threshold, we will have to respond.

Without asking anyone’s permission, without long hours of consultation. And it’s definitely not a bluff.

It would be nice if this sad conclusion was at least partially realized by the authorities in Kiev.

Alas, this is almost impossible. They are in a constant battle frenzy with little pauses for strange drug dreams,” concludes Medvedev.

“Targets loaded on RS-28 Sarmat- Washington, Toronto, Vancouver, Texas, California
Russian media complement Medvedev’s statements by emphasizing:

“ For eight years, NATO supported puppets in Ukraine, financed attacks in Donbas, repeatedly violated the Minsk agreements, supported the ban on speaking Russian in the republics of Luhansk and Donetsk, and contributed to the destruction of the democratic opposition and free media.

The result was a one-party government, essentially owned and funded by the United States, and run by American agents.

However, somehow, the United States managed to convince the population of its own country and other Western countries that Russia is a “bad boy”, that it is out of control and must be stopped.

Despite all of the above, Russia remained steadfast and constantly sought to control the situation.

But he consistently said it would be a “red line” if Ukraine became a nuclear power, posing a direct threat to Moscow. This could not be allowed.

Surely this was a sober warning to any sane country that the one thing that must not happen is Ukraine becoming a nuclear power. After all, once this Pandora’s box is opened, the last obstacle to a possible nuclear war will be overcome.

In February 2022, at the annual Munich Security Conference, the President of Ukraine announced his intention to make Ukraine a nuclear country.

Five days later, Russia entered Ukraine. The American propaganda arm immediately came into play, and for months, even as Ukraine kept losing the war, at every turn the Western media repeated their claims that war was unfolding, that Russia was hesitating, and that Ukraine’s heroes were fighting off the attacks. of the Great Bear.

Well, the lasting meaning of this is that NATO was reckless. He did not see the prospect of a nuclear conflict in the first place.

They are crazy; Or are they so stupid that they think they have some kind of “advantage” in a nuclear conflict? Or do they see it as a game of “single sovereignty” in which the only important issue is which side has more rights?

“What would a nuclear war look like?” There are many studies out there, but the most revealing one I know of was from Princeton University.

The study begins with an accidental launch in Eastern Europe and shows the size and number of nuclear warheads, as well as launch patterns.

It shows the trajectories and additionally shows the diameters representing the degree of destruction of each projectile.

Smaller nukes would cover all of Europe, leaving little untouched there. Then the largest transatlantic nuclear weapons, the most advanced Sarmat missiles, will come into action. Sarmat has the ability to evade missile defense systems. It travels at five times the speed of sound, weighs over 200 tons, and each ICBM has multiple separate warheads.

There is nothing like it in the West.

So what would be the result?

Well, every major US city would be targeted by multiple ICBM warheads, each one large enough to destroy them. The US would have been destroyed within hours. It is estimated that 90 million people would have been killed initially.

Those in the spotlight will evaporate. Those in the vicinity of the explosion could be saved if they reached the concrete shelter very quickly. They should then remain “sealed” in it for several weeks.

The northern US border will be destroyed, along with Canadian border cities like Vancouver and Toronto. The southern border with Mexico would also disappear.

The next issue is the movement of radioactive fallout.

There will be no hope for those living in the immediate vicinity of the target, but there are places outside the US that are not a target. Parties that do not have a strategic advantage will not be selected as targets. So if you were in, say, Jamaica, you wouldn’t be affected, but just as importantly, the Caribbean weather system – the winds – would push any precipitation away from you to the north, as would the Gulf Stream.

Even better, the world is divided at the Equator by two weather systems that don’t mix. Rainfall in the north is unlikely to spread south.

In any case, things would be worse in Europe and the Middle East than in North America.

Finally, there is the issue of nuclear winter. No one can know whether it will last months or years and whether it will be local or global.

Nuclear war is not predetermined, but the West rattles dangerously on as if it is invincible and only others can be destroyed. This is completely false.

We cannot be sure that a nuclear war will break out, but if it does, it will be quick. You won’t have time to develop an escape plan. You should already be in a place that you consider to be as safe as possible” the Russians conclude….

The Tribulation is commencing..

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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