Summer Davos Forum by WEF returns to Tianjin after five years – CGTN

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The 14th Annual Meeting of the New Champions, also known as the Summer Davos Forum, will be held in north China’s Tianjin municipality from June 27 to 29, marking the continuation of the forum in China after four years and its return to Tianjin after five years.

The theme of this year’s annual meeting is “Entrepreneurship: The Driving Force of the Global Economy.

“After a three-year pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, choosing Tianjin to restart the forum is an honorable mission and great responsibility,” said Yu Pengzhou, deputy secretary-general of Tianjin’s local government.

There are three important aspects to holding this year’s forum, according to Yu.

With respect to the downturn of the world economy in the post-pandemic era, there is great anticipation from all sides for the voice, signal, and expectations that will be delivered at the Summer Davos Forum, he said.

Domestically, China’s economy is performing well. China’s voice, China’s ideas, China’s measures, and China’s plans at the Summer Davos Forum will attract the world’s attention, he said. Besides, this forum will be an important opportunity to showcase Tianjin and its level of urban governance, Yu added.

This year’s forum also marks the first time the Summer Davos Forum is fully powered by green energy. One million kilowatt hours of electricity has been transacted, equivalent to saving 320 tonnes of standard coal and reducing 800 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Accelerating the expansion of green power trading and raising public awareness of green electricity coincides with the concept of a green Summer Davos Forum, according to Xing Ligong, director of marketing at Tianjin Electricity Trading Center, reported Guangming Daily.

In order to present a wonderful “feast of ideas“, Tianjin’s preparations began as early as January 28 this year. Additionally, Tianjin is also launching special activities during the forum, such as cultural nights, art and technology demonstrations, and industry tours.

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